Monday, October 13, 2014

The Sara Jessie Advantage Is Causing Edmonton Homes for Sale to Be Filled Faster than Ever in 2014

The Sara Jessie Advantage provides buyers and sellers with advantages within the Edmonton real estate market.
Edmonton, AB -- October 13, 2014

Sara Jessie Real Estate has seen much success since the duo started their company, and with the company’s Sara Jessie Advantage, homes are being filled up faster than ever.

“We’re very proud of the reputable service we’ve been able to give our clients with the execution of our Advantage program,” says Sara Jones, co-founder of Sara Jessie Real Estate Services. “Many of our clients come from word-of-mouth referrals, and they already know about our program and how we use it help make people happy with their decision.”

The Sara Jessie Advantage is a 10 Step Custom Marketing Formula that the team developed to give homes proper exposure. Each step was included to maximize the opportunity for the seller and to enhance the purchasing experience for the buyer. Steps include complimentary home staging, professional home photography, custom online profiles, social marketing, neighborhood advertising and more. Each step is designed to help ensure a smooth process; the complimentary cleaning services highlight the home and help sellers focus on other aspects, while buyers can enjoy the luxury of seeing homes at its prime.

According to the Realtor’s Association of Edmonton, homes and condos are being sold at record highs, and Sara Jessie Real Estate is happy to take credit for hopeful statistics. Additionally, houses are on the market for less amounts of time compared to last year.

The Sara Jessie Real Estate team’s mission is to offer clients superior real estate services. Having worked with developers for several years, they are committed to providing real estate clients with best, no-nonsense service in the Edmonton area.

About Sara Jessie Real Estate:
Sara Jessie Real Estate was formed with solid customer service principals on a sound foundation: to bring passion to the Edmonton real estate market. Aside from possessing extensive experience in the field, Sara Jones and Jessie McCracken are deeply committed to making selling and buying Edmonton property a seamless, positive experience. Together, they have closed more than 400 properties in the Edmonton area.

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The Latest in Wire Management Systems, Tug-Wise Releases New Heavy Duty Models

The proprietary cable management system, Tug-Wise, has released a new Heavy-Duty cable reel holder that can sustain up to 8,000 lbs.
Slave Lake, AB -- October 13, 2014

Canadian-based Tug-Wise is a cable management device that came to fruition when Jim Emes, inventor and electrician for over 30 years, decided that he had had enough with the troubles of dealing with traditional jack stands. Now, the company has introduced heavy-duty models that make completing jobs hassle-free.

“We were doing a job one day when we realized we had forgotten our jack stands to assist with the electrical wire and cable reel and were hundreds of kilometers from the shop,” says Emes. “I got to thinking about a cable reel management system that would eliminate typical problems we face when dealing with standard equipment.”

Tug-Wise offers many different models for different jobs. The standard model is just under $100 and handles 500 lbs., while two Deluxe models are equipped to handle 1,000 and 1,500 lbs., respectively. The newer Heavy Duty models can handle up to 6,000 lbs., making nearly any job possible. Each model features a rugged design made to last through wear and tear and extreme weather conditions. The durable device allows for 360-degree pulling while it is mounted to the bottom of a wooden or plastic reel to allow for simple pulls. Due to the nature of its design, it requires just one person for basic operation and can save costly labor hours that add up.

As the company grows, Tug-Wise will continue to seek new solutions to cable management that make the process of cable reeling even more of a streamlined process. For more information about Tug-Wise, visit:

About Tug-Wise:
Created by founder and inventor Jim Emes, Tug-Wise operates a full service company that’s the best in wire and cable management systems. Offering several different spool types, ranging from light to heavy weight, Tug-Wise has the variety and quality to equip the needs of any customer.

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Reputation Management Systems More Effective Than Ever with Gratitude Consulting Group

Gratitude Consulting helps companies achieve 5-star ratings with top-level reputation marketing techniques.
Calgary, AB -- October 13, 2014

Gratitude Consulting Group has launched a unique reputation marketing systems that are helping businesses worldwide get the name they deserve. The virtual marketing agency has made a reputation of its once with its signature Done-For-You marketing techniques and continues to educate potential clients on its services.

“Individuals everywhere are spending an increasing amount of time perfecting their businesses, and Gratitude Consulting helps them get the 5-star ratings they deserve,” says CEO and founder, Sherri Beauchamp. “We offer free consultations to give prospective clients a feel for what we can do for them to get them where they need to be.”

The importance of reputation marketing should not be ignored, particularly for businesses that have experienced bad customers who’ve tarnished the company’s name. Gratitude Consulting understands that reputation management lies in giving a company a brand image that accurately reflects their product or service. According to a study conducted by Oracle, 80 percent of consumers research reviews on products they buy before making a purchase. Furthermore 70 percent of consumers believe the reviews they read online. Unfortunately for businesses, one bad review can damage the overall impression than a handful of great reviews gives.

Gratitude Consulting’s reputation management works with large and small businesses to both increase the reputation of well-off companies, spreading the word about their offerings, and fix damaged reputations. Gratitude Consulting is well versed on the best reputation practices and works with different companies within different industries to develop reputation campaigns that cater to the brand. The company also touts the benefits it offers as a virtual agency, nixing the hefty price tag that other marketing consultants may charge.

About Gratitude Consulting:
Gratitude Consulting Group INC started after founder Sherri Beauchamp had a vision of impacting and inspiring businesses and experts to not only to leverage their expertise and change people’s lives, but to actually make an impact on the world. The company’s focus is to bring all of the available moving parts to a business and leverage them in a way that’s unique to their specific goals and helps spread the company’s message to the people who need it the most. They are a virtual consulting company with highly skilled team members across North America and Europe.

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