Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Calgary Marketing Agency, Gratitude Consulting Group, Puts a Fresh Spin on Traditional Marketing Consulting

Gratitude Consulting Group, a virtual marketing agency, takes a new approach to helping clients build business.
Calgary, AB -- August 27, 2014

Gratitude Consulting Group (GCG), a premier Calgary-based marketing consulting company, is putting a fresh spin on traditional marketing consulting with its catered campaigns. As a virtual company, GCG uses technology and dozens of years combined experience to deliver results.

“We work directly with clients to ensure that they have short and long-term benefits,” says Sherri Beauchamp, founder of marketing agency Gratitude Consulting Group. “We find the right balance between giving them what they want using proven techniques that have worked great for other brands, and unique approaches that are specific to them.”

The company also prides itself in staying on top of current topics and technologies within the marketing arena. There are many changes within digital strategies, email and social marketing, and more. Digital publishing is growing at an alarming rate, and growing brands can find it difficult to adjust. Using a number of distribution channels that have a proven track record, marketing agency GCG aims to increase the business’s digital footprint.

It offers comprehensive social media marketing services; an area brands cannot afford to miss out on. According to "Sproutsocial: Are You Maintaining a Healthy Twitter Feed?" 61 percent of people say they’d cut their social ties with a brand that did not provide them with relevant content. This is true for both B2C and B2B brands.

The company offers prospective clients free 30-minute consultations to determine the best route to success. As a virtual agency, the company works directly with clients to ensure that they’re taken care of, and communication is always an integral part of the transaction that GCG takes seriously.

About Gratitude Consulting:
Gratitude Consulting Group Inc. started after founder Sherri Beauchamp had a vision of impacting and inspiring businesses and experts to not only leverage their expertise and change people’s lives, but also to actually make an impact on the world. The company’s focus is to bring all of the available moving parts to a business and leverage them in a way that’s unique to their specific goals and helps spread the company’s message to the people who need it the most. They are a virtual marketing consulting company with highly skilled team members across North America and Europe.

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