Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tug-Wise Inc. Designs a Revolutionary Cable Management System

A superior reel holder product is now available for electricians to utilize on any job site.
Slave Lake, AB (PRWEB) April 24, 2014

Tug-Wise Manufacturing Inc., a Canadian cable management manufacturer, has created a revolutionary product that can give every electrician an advantage for any job. They offer high quality products ranging from a heavyweight cable reel holder that handles up to 10,000 lbs, as well as stands designed for smaller cable jobs; it also works great for residential purposes. Their cable reel system, rollers, and stands are designed for an easier and safe way to handle spools when out on any job site.

Jim Emes, owner of Tug-Wise, was an electrician for more than 30 years before devising a cable reel holder that can be used to replace jack stands. After many years in the field, he was frustrated with the inadequacies of the jack stands he had been using. He knew there had to be a more efficient and safe way to manage cable, so he utilized his expertise to design a product that solved the issues of standard reel holders. Out in the field, wrestling with a typical jack stand can be awkward and difficult. Managing a standard jack stand requires at least 2 people, while this product is designed with a one man operation in mind. Tug-Wise has designed a simple and effective product that can save you time and effort.

This cable management gives electricians everywhere a superior method to decrease their labor efforts and cost when running cables. It is tough work and time consuming to organize the jacks, and often times multiple jacks stands are needed to run several lines at the same time. The Tug-Wise cable management system allows for a single person to run wire safely when on the job site, and can be used in any weather condition.

These products bring more value for all reel holder applications. It allows you to get the job done quicker and assures safety for the user. The product is easily mounted to the bottom of any wooden or plastic reel for trouble-free cable pulls. The unit can thread a 1/2″ removable stem into the base and be stood upright to allow for a seamless 360° pull. These units are helping to reduce awkward back-breaking heavy lifts because of the unique design. The product was created with an optional position element that allows reels to be secured in the back of a truck or on a trailer bed.

Tug-Wise products come in four models. There are multiple options designed for different job demands. The models can be purchased in standard, deluxe, and heavy duty. Whether you’re using small, medium, or large reels you can find an ideal unit to suit your needs and any specification requirements. Each model features a rugged design that is suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions at any site. The units are easy to mount and they promote efficient trouble-free cable pulls. Tug-Wise reel holders are currently available in Canada and the United States. Let this cable management system give you an unequaled cost-labor benefit by saving you time and labor on every job.

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Tug-Wise Manufacturing Inc. is a Canadian company. They can be contacted via their website: or by phone: 1-866-924-WISE (9473).

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slave Lake Dental Launches New Website

Local dental clinic releases new website to share dental knowledge and care options.
Slave Lake, AB (PRWEB) April 23, 2014

Slave Lake Dental has launched a new website to support their patients with knowledge that will promote their health. The dental clinic team at Slave Lake has compiled valuable information to help their patients learn more about their oral health. Their recently launched website can be found at The material outlined is a resource that explains some common issues, and how those issues can be solved or prevented.

Dr. Terri Pukanich and Dr. Natalie Stone, along with the expert team at Slave Lake Dental, are committed to their patients’ oral health and well-being by supplying relevant information. Their website is one more tool they use to support their patients. The orientation on the website lays the groundwork for dental knowledge, and to instill confidence in patients about the services offered at their dental clinic.

The site has a section that explains their new patient process, which can alleviate some of the pressure people may feel when choosing a new dentist. They strive to serve their community by providing information and their expertise in dental care.

Patients also have the opportunity to “meet the team” on the website. Dr. Pukanich and Dr. Stone have explained their history and qualifications to give patients an opportunity to get to know them better. Dr. Pukanich has also posted a video on her page where she can explain to patients “in person” why she appreciates her job and her journey to becoming a dentist at Slave Lake. The statements by the team give prospective patients an overview of the Slave Lake Dental philosophy to prove they are the right fit for you. The ‘meet the team’ page is a chance to encourage and comfort all new patients.

Slave Lake Dental offers restoration options that are briefly explained on the website. The available services and related procedures are outlined and can be reviewed by patients. Some patients have had previous dental issues and may want to restore the mouth they had in the past. Patients can now examine the differing procedure details, so that they will have an idea of the possible outcomes. The dental clinic at Slave Lake will stand by their patients through the process. During your appointments they can address further concerns that you may have about your procedure.

Enhancement dental options are also performed at Slave Lake Dental. Some patients may feel self-conscious about their appearance, and the dentists at Slave Lake can give you reassurance and the options to assist you in upgrading your smile. Their team will walk you through the steps for each procedure. The website gives an overview of each option that they offer.

The website provides an appointment request page for easy scheduling. In today’s busy environment being able to take advantage of technology can be a great assistance. With their patients in mind, Slave Lake Dental provided this option to make appointment setting a cinch.

Come visit the website to learn more about dental treatments, conditions, and resources provided at Slave Lake Dental. The team strives to leverage information to aid patients with possible concerns or questions by outlining the options available at their dental clinic. The website has been designed to promote oral health by serving patients with up to date information concerning health and dental needs.

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Slave Lake Dental is located at 433 Main Street North, Slave Lake, AB T0G2A0
Canada. They can be contacted through their website at or by phone: (780) 849-2233.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Equine...

Gratitude Consulting Sets New Dental Marketing Revenue Record

The Gratitude Group is a business consulting company making a monumental positive impact on their client’s bottom line.
Calgary, AB (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

Gratitude Consulting Group is making a tremendous impact on their client’s bottom line using their expertise in marketing consulting. Gratitude Consulting’s recent marketing campaign for a local dental office blew away the clinic’s one-day revenue record. The Gratitude’s Done-For-You strategy conceived a dental marketing concept to provide their client with their master marketing skills that capitalized on the dental clinic’s qualities. This created an exceptional day in the company’s 10-year history by breaking the record of their single day revenue and generating $130,000 dollars.

The team at Gratitude is an international intellectual collaboration chosen to provide their clients with unique and superior services. Sherri Beauchamp founded Gratitude Consulting because she felt there was a need for marketing consultants that would focus on building an unparalleled strategy to connect companies with customers. They focus on creating universal real life concepts to highlight the skills and/or products that each company produces. The team manages a client by understanding the company’s customers’ needs.

Gratitude Consulting creates a vision and a plan to execute that caters to each client. Sherri Beauchamp stated, "We worked hard to design, implement and deliver a marketing campaign for a specific event our client was having and got all of their team members on board to support the campaign. It was a great team effort and we were proud to accomplish this goal as typically this would have been considered a slow time within the clinic." The Gratitude Group effect starts with their concept of applying everyday situations to build a lasting connection between a business and its customers. They focus on strategies that use real people, sharing real stories.

A recent project Gratitude designed and assisted with was for a local dental clinic. The project was designed for the dental clinic as an outlet for the owner to inspire her team, and also the local community. The goal was to create an event that would establish a legacy for the clinic. They wanted something that their family could be proud of, and Gratitude Consulting helped to design and execute the concept and strategy. The project was constructed to establish a lasting health contribution by building a platform for people to promote community involvement. The campaign was a plan to focus on fundraising by collecting donations to put towards the education of oral health and the importance of keeping natural teeth for the life of a patient. The dental clinic had a product they wanted to provide to customers, and Gratitude’s business consulting designed a successful marketing strategy to assist the company; so that they could focus on their patients.

The Gratitude Consulting Group’s use of a combination approach will create a unique collection of ideas to serve their clients. Their marketing consultants devise an integrated strategy to provide their customers with an exceptional product. Gratitude Consulting’s mission is to prepare and implement a superior marketing campaign for every client.

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Gratitude Consulting Inc. is located in Calgary, AB T3K 4Z2 Canada. Sherri Beauchamp and her team can be contacted by phone: (587) 333-­0170, website:, or email:Info(at)GratitudeConsulting(dot)com

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Late Nights, Superman, and a Decade of Experience

                In hindsight it all feels like the blink of an eye. Just a short blink ago we were spending entire summers together. Staying up way past our bedtimes fantasizing about the phantasmagoric world that awaited us just outside of our front yards while our parents had to repeatedly tell us to either go to bed or learn how to whisper. The voices you would create for the characters in our plots would set the cadence for the evening. A world of juxtaposition, abstraction, and brotherly bonding was taking place every night. Why wouldn’t we just go to sleep? It’s simple really. Dreams can only go so far. The world of dreams could not hope to grasp the world that was available to us when we shared an intimate space exploring the world as we knew it. There were no boundaries, no rules, and no judgment. The experiences we created were limited only by the expansiveness of our own imaginations and the decibel level enforced by our loving parents. Those long days and nights spent together showed us avenues of expression that were previously unknown to a travelers of our limited experience. Presently days are spent attempting to be an “adult” and to reflect on the world we created. Two tears are shed. One for the times that were… and one for the times that will never be. Ten years have passed and still the same questions persist. My beloved sister put it best, “Ten years later, and I can cry those same tears all over again.”

                There’s something special about how you could pose a question…

  “Uncle John, are you Superman?”
                Superman… a thought-provoking title. Oh, how the definition has changed as the years roll by. Is he a “man” who is “super” compared to the clamoring throng? Is he inherently “super” and just so happens to maintain the physical appearance of a “man”? Is he a bird? Is he a plane? Or… Perhaps… he is actually the Supra-Man, the aforementioned man, the man whose time has been memorialized by his deeds and commemorated with the distinguished title of superiority. I remember us “Supermen” talking about growing to be “those old guys” in the neighborhood that would sit on their porches in their rockers and yell at all the “young whipper-snappers” that ran by our lawns. Nowadays it reminds me of the old man from The Plague, by Camus, whose day-to-day joy was spitting on the neighborhood cats that would loiter on his property. It was supposed to be us spitting on those cats, even though you would never have been able to spit on an animal with a heart like yours (except that one time with the opossum, but that can stay between us my friend).

                We’ve grown up; what happened? Now we have jobs, taxes, bills, responsibilities, children… your cousins, nieces, and kin. In light of the world getting more “real” all around us, the surrealism is still ever-present. The surreal dualism that exists. Ten years ago it felt like the wind left the sails, the compass couldn’t find North, the guiding light had burned out, and there was an undertone of grey in what used to be such a colorful canvas. As the years creep by the sails have found the wind, the compass rediscovered North, the guiding light re-lit, and color came back to the canvas. Through all of this is the realization of how much of it is you. You didn’t take the wind from the sails with your actions. You borrowed the wind so that the internal wake of placid seas could be felt, only to return the wind when it was most needed.

                What do I say to you? If we reconnected tomorrow, somehow saw each other at the grocery store, what would be said? Is there anything to say?

                How I long to fill you in on the trials and tribulations of life. Experiences with: drugs, alcohol, friends, roommates, family, romance, religion, spirituality, farming, sales, marketing, and promoting relentless optimism… It’s like I’m 10 all over again and seeking the approval of my older brother. Would you think I’m “cool”?

                As “those same tears” roll down the cheeks, it’s as if nothing has changed and yet everything is so different. Colin Hay put it excellently when stating, “…and still this emptiness persists, perhaps this is as good as it gets.” There’s so much power behind this line. “This” is as good as it gets and the emptiness will persist. Unwavering, it will work to swallow what you know to be true. That’s the challenge placed into our lives. Live alongside the emptiness, but still be in the moment. Realize that it never gets better than it is right now, at this exact moment (and I will happily debate that point with anyone who opposes).

                If nothing else, after ten years two words still stay prevalent, “Thank You”, for all you’ve done and all you will ever do to promote the wellbeing of those around you. You are a true Superman.

Monday, April 7, 2014

BizVizable Vancouver Launches Competitive PR, Search, and Social Media Services For Startup and Unbranded Business Owners

BizVizable Vancouver provides services that are compliant with 2014 search engine updates.
Vancouver, WA (PRWEB) April 05, 2014

BizVizable Vancouver opened in November of 2012 and since then has experienced tremendous growth due to collaborative partnerships with local businesses, franchises, enterprises, and thought leaders.

Owner Chris Cartmill says, “Business owners are finding explosive growth through combining pr, search, and social. In 2014, social signals provide search engines with engagement data about a brand that reflects the conversation going on between the business and customer. Quality engagement data that is served up to the search engines on a daily basis will build authorship, brand command, influencer acquisition, audience, repeat customers and more.”

Services provided by BizVizable Vancouver are found to be refreshing and simple to understand. Customers generally like to be involved in campaigns and participate as much as possible. In doing so, the customer begins to understand what internet marketing is, the value of participation at the business's physical location, and collaboration on organic business development.

Rapid results, and immediate gratification are not being requested from BizVizable Vancouver. Instead, customers are seeking a blueprint for long-term success. Business owners are now also leveraging multiple income streams to get ahead of the economic cycles. Services provided by BizVizable Vancouver allow for a local business owner to promote the primary business while also promoting secondary business opportunities.

Services that are being ordered for secondary business opportunities include voice broadcasting, sms broadcasting, landing page creation, sales funnels, press releases, video creation and more. Other services include web design, local directory submission, video creation, social media marketing, PPC, online reputation management, authorship, seo, local seo and more in Vancouver, WA and everywhere else the search engines index.

For start-up businesses, the majority of customers that seek out the services of BizVizable Vancouver order the start-up branding package that builds out the top social networks and connects all together with one hub to deliver content from. Connecting social media profiles with top curation sites such as allow for social media posts to be sent out to additional channels. Adding multiple channels to a brand allows for a wider audience. Over time, brands may build out hundreds of content delivery channels to maximize the audience acquisition.

Cartmill says, “During 2013, I tested many variations of what drives sales, engagement, qualified leads, and top positioning on the search engines. Most all case studies resulted in explosive results when quality content had been written, timing when the content was delivered, and where the content was delivered to.”

Cartmill continues, “One such case study for franchise marketing automation resulted in number one placement, website in top placement for the keyword, and the video inside of the press release on the first page of a major search engine. Not all results are typical, as some companies do not allow for the full strategy to be implemented by us, but when they do, these results are typical. ”

Some businesses only have a starting budget of $500 or less for marketing and promotion because the majority of the budget has gone to the development of the physical location. BizVizable Vancouver has created a custom package that serves the startup or unbranded business with maximum visibility online. The goal is to set the business up in house with tools to run promotions internally, provide services that can be ordered to fulfill the needs of the business long term, or training.

About BizVizable Vancouver:
BizVizable Vancouver provides services and training for startup incubators, local businesses, franchises, agencies, collaborative partners, co-op networks, direct sales corporations, IPO launches, NPO’s and more. Operates in Vancouver, WA with 5,000 sq ft of space to scale as needed.

About Chris Cartmill:
Chris Cartmill was raised in a small town of 395 people and instead of a television to grow up with, he positioned himself in front of a computer learning code, applications, database management, and more. Cartmill is initially self taught, and expanded into promoting businesses online at age 21 while developing a blueprint for any startup or current business to self finance, self promote, and self expand. Cartmill believes that whether or not the general economic finance is stable or not, there is always a way to succeed through collaboration. Cartmill provides consultations with ultimate online tool box setup for most businesses who need an in house solution.

Get the DIY Branding 1 Page PDF.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All Phase Restoration Makes List of Colorado’s Top 50 Family Owned Companies

Out of all of the companies in beautiful Colorado, All Phase Restoration, the premier restoration and disaster preparedness company, made the Family Owned Top 50 list from ColoradoBiz Magazine.
Windsor, CO (PRWEB) March 31, 2014

All Phase Restoration, Colorado’s premier restoration contractor, is proud to announce that they have made ColoradoBiz Magazine’s list of the Top 50 Family-Owned Companies. All Phase Restoration has been in business for over ten years and has over 60 employees. All Phase Restoration has offices in Denver, Windsor, and Frederick. Brothers Bob and Jeff Mauck started the company in 2003 with just two employees and have built it up to where it is today.

Last year was a busy year for All Phase Restoration. The devastating floods that hit many counties in Colorado last spring kept All Phase professionals working around the clock. All Phase Restoration specializes in flood restoration and water damage issues. The company provides 24 hour emergency service and their professionals are trained to act swiftly in order to minimize damage to property and inventory during floods.

When it comes to containing water damage, All Phase Restoration has no equal. They quickly respond and abate the problem by removing water or sewage, disinfecting the affected area and inventory, and then drying out the area. They monitor the drying area and test for dangerous mold and bacteria. They have their own contents lab in Frederick, so they don’t have to rely on outside sources to assist them with content manipulation.

All Phase Restoration also specializes in fire damage restoration. In the case of fire, All Phase Restoration may respond to secure a property, board it up, and do whatever else is necessary to minimize losses. This includes installing temporary roofing and fencing. All Phase Restoration professionals are trained and certified to deal with smoke and chemical damage. All Phase Restoration is licensed to remove hazardous materials.

All Phase Restoration is also licensed and certified to remove lead paint and do mold remediation. One invaluable service they provide to Colorado businesses is their absolutely free disaster preparedness consultation. They will visit your office and design go-to plans for your specific business should a disaster occur. This no-obligation consultation is just one of the services that make All Phase Restoration one of Colorado’s top family owned businesses.

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